UNYT’s Rector, Prof. Fatos Tarifa, Ph.D., delivered an inaugural address at the exhibition titled “American Presidents and Albanian Relations;” the exhibition was inaugurated in the National Historical Museum, 2nd Floor, Tirana on Tuesday, November 4, 2016 at 18.00.

The exhibition is initiated from the work of an Albanian-origin photographer, George Tames, who lived in the White House for 40 years. Tames is a well-known New York Times photographer, who captured some of the most iconic photographs of ten American Presidents form Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush Sr. The exhibition puts alongside thirty two (32) iconic pictures of ten (10) US presidents and how the events and presidents captured in photographs were covered in the contemporary Albanian press. It also establishes a dialogue between USA and Albania. In this frame, five (5) UNYT students have interned to support research through the Albanian press from 1932 to 1992 and selected articles covering the American-Albanian relations from the outbreak of World War II and throughout the Cold War.

The exhibition is organized by OTTOnomy in collaboration with University of New York Tirana and will last until November 21, 2016.


Tames took countless Washington shots, but (by his own admission) is particularly remembered for one, “The Loneliest Job,” a photograph of President John F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy’s iconic stance staring down at the table in front of him is all the more fascinating insofar as Kennedy was actually reading a copy of Tames’ paper, The New York Times. Tames recalled later that Kennedy was reading a column by editorial columnist Arthur Krock on the table in front of him by the window of the Oval Office.