On the 23rd of March 2017 the University of New York Tirana through its Career Office hosted a gathering for its alumni by celebrating 15 years of graduate success.

The evening started off with a speech from the UNYT Executive Director, Mr. Andreas Galatoulas, followed by the Rector’s greeting, Prof. Dr. Fatos Tarifa. They welcomed everyone and expressed their gratitude for the participants.

15 years ago, UNYT started its path as the pioneer of higher education in Albania. Since then, the institution has evolved by offering excellent academic opportunities to its students. The alumni were invited by the Dean of Students, Mrs. Joniada Hito, to share their experiences with each other by offering possibilities to the new graduated fellows to follow their path and learn by their experiences.

Many of the present alumni hold key positions of influence. They represent our alumni pride and UNYT appreciates the influence they have on the direct positive development of the society. Our graduated students maintain a spirit for excellence, moral values and serve as an inspiration to our communities.

UNYT has thoroughly enjoyed the journey and remains thankful to its alumni for faithfully supporting the institution in its indisputable success story. UNYT is committed to enrich networking experiences among students and related sectors by steadily evolving its capabilities through successful faculties and supportive campus experiences.