MSc Course Listing


Programme Structure

The first seven courses comprise essential computer science subjects, covering key concepts in networking, databases, operating systems and software engineering. After completing the core program, the students may choose from three emphasis areas.

  • Databases
  • Networking and Security
  • Software Engineering

Total number of credits: 120 ECTS or 240 British Credits.

Total Number of Courses : Foundation Programme + 7 core courses + 3 electives

Core Courses

Foundation Programme (30 British Credits)
Advanced Networking (15 British Credits)
Advanced Database Systems (15 British Credits)
Distributed Systems (15 British Credits)
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering (15 British Credits)
Engineering of Advanced Web Applications (15 British Credits)
Strategic Management (15 British Credits)
Research Methodology (15 British Credits)
Final Project/Dissertation (60 British Credits)

Specialization Courses (3 out of 4 courses)  

      Databases Concentration
• Database Tools
• Data Warehousing
• Business Intelligence and Data Mining
• Database Administration

Networking & Security Concentration
• Network Security and Cryptography
• System Administration
• Network Management
• Wireless Communication

Software Engineering Concentration
• Enterprise Applications
• Enterprise Architecture
• Mobile Application Development
• .NET Technologies

General (Any 3 from the above mentioned electives)