Kreshnik Preka

Head of Procurement Office / COLACEM ALBANIA SH.P.K.

UNYT in simple words is the western experience right where you live. I never wanted to leave my country so the UNYT was the best shot i could get to a proper education that can lead to success. The result? I started working even before graduating. I have worked for two years in one of the greatest infrastructure projects in the country. And, actually i am leading to the 7th year as Head of Procurement Office in a cement production company. Career orientation, work ethics, research abilities, team work, critical thinking are just some of many other qualities i have gained during my studies at the UNYT. During four years of study UNYT has been a real family. Entering the UNYT changes your way of viewing thing. Its when you start dreaming of having a successful career and UNYT takes out the best of you. Next? I think its time to get my MBA. To be continued….