Fation Ceka

Corporate Credit Underwriter / NBG Bank

The long-lasting relationships created have been a powerful addition to my personal life and business endeavors. The focus on continuous intellectual curiosity has been transmitted and embedded in me and provided the stepping stone for overcoming business challenges.


Ermir Dardha

Accounts payable clerk, Canada Transactional Accounting

BS Management & IR, State University of New York, Empire State College (2006) The lessons that I have learned during my studies covered the most important aspects of the Management and International Relations. This helped me get a good introduction on the different fields and have the basic knowledge as a first base stone into building the castle of knowledge. This also helped me advance into my career and with my MBA studies. What I liked about the program was the fact that we had a multicultural environment and always had the latest books and international and well experienced professors. While working on the projects during our studies we had all the support of the lecturers. Not only that but we have also created a large network of alumnis that are spread today all around the world, a network of friends and classmates that will last forever. In relation to business skills learned it helped me a lot in improving my time management and tasks prioritization skills which are very crucial for getting the job done. I would advise the new students to get the most knowledge from their student life experience as it will be important for their career and further studies.


Andi Selaj

Marketing & Sales / Swiss Brands Distribution

I am developing my parent’s distribution & retail business, in the field of skincare cosmetics. It helped in terms of mindset, knowledge, connections with professors and overall environment. University lasts no more than 4-5 years, grab as much as you can from it!


Elgert Hajdini

MIS Software Developer Specialist / NOA

I am currently working as software developer and system administrator in a microfinance company “NOA”. I create software solutions that make work easier for the other departments and also dynamic reports to keep track of where business needs to improve or where it excels. Some of the studies in UNYT have helped a lot initially when starting working in this company but also the theoretical classes have made it easier for me to learn new programming techniques and languages. My advice to the new students (especially Computer Science) is to not give up and make that final push to complete the studies and start working as soon as possible because great opportunities await.


Kreshnik Preka

Head of Procurement Office / COLACEM ALBANIA SH.P.K.

UNYT in simple words is the western experience right where you live. I never wanted to leave my country so the UNYT was the best shot i could get to a proper education that can lead to success. The result? I started working even before graduating. I have worked for two years in one of the greatest infrastructure projects in the country. And, actually i am leading to the 7th year as Head of Procurement Office in a cement production company. Career orientation, work ethics, research abilities, team work, critical thinking are just some of many other qualities i have gained during my studies at the UNYT. During four years of study UNYT has been a real family. Entering the UNYT changes your way of viewing thing. Its when you start dreaming of having a successful career and UNYT takes out the best of you. Next? I think its time to get my MBA. To be continued….


Gentian Dalipaj

President / Drita Ndertim shpk

Thanks to the UNYT academic background I successful achieved to enter in the construction market in 2008 and successful lead my own company toward success in coping with the market challenges in exceeding customers expectations by building more than 20000 m2 residential building. To the new students of the UNYT I will briefly say it is the best place to study in the country that would assure, your success in the third millennium which is very challenging.