The mission of the Student Counseling Center is to promote the academic success, personal development, and psychological well-being of all students by helping to create a university environment that is conducive to their personal and academic development as well as helping students to achieve sustained academic success

Purpose and Objectives

Our prior purpose is to help students improve their personal, social, emotional well-being and skills that can influence their learning. We tend to encourage and facilitate students’ academic achievement by helping them to deal with their social, personal, and school performance difficulties together with stress management. Our goal is to increase their specific strength, interests, and specific skills that can help them to have better academic performance and better social relationships. Our final goal is to apply the best psychological knowledge to improve psychological well-being, positive life coping strategies for a life transition, especially in an educational setting helping our students to manage emotional and behavioral issues that can influence their learning.

Some objectives include:

– Increase/Enhance dynamics for positive psycho-emotional health, cognitive abilities, personality, and behavior improvement for academic achievement and performance
– Prevent student’s psychological distress in a higher education setting
– Help students understand and apply healthy strategies of coping with a life transition, daily life situations, learning and education challenges, and other situations influencing their emotional wellbeing, relationships, roles and behaviors, personal and professional guidance, etc.
– Developing Skills in collaborating with others in an academic setting
– Developing Awareness and Sensitivity to individual and cultural diversity and understanding how these factors affect who we are and how we think and learn


You just started university and you feel pressure, insecure, stressed, with a lot of questions or emotional concerns about your studies, achievements, instructions and exams, academic/peers relationships, and personal/interpersonal issues that can influence your learning, your ‘feeling good’, your daily university performance, your personal and social relationships and your emotional development in an academic setting. If that is your case you can contact counseling center services.

What to expect?

– Positive psychological outcomes
– Better academic and social development
– Better academic and social skills
– Better emotional well-being in an educational setting
– Emotional support
– Improved behavior
– Positive relationships that can influence learning, emotions, and academic improvement
– Opportunity to ask questions and receive answers
– Alternatives
– Guidance for Referral
– Help students find their answers for their academic insecurities
– Develop academic and stress management skills
– Understanding students psychological needs


Staff will include Instructors from UNYT Psychology Department.

– Services will be offered on UNYT building, Office 3C.
– No. of sessions and duration: no more than 3-4 sessions (short-time-based services). If further sessions are needed the counselor will refer/guide the case for long-term intervention outside UNYT. The duration per session is 40 minutes.
– No Fee
– The nature of Services: Short-term counseling and consultation
– Ethics, Confidentiality, and Limits: Counseling center with respect Confidentiality, Beneficence and no maleficence, Fidelity and Responsibility, Integrity, Justice, and Respect for people’s rights and Dignity


Albana BAZE Ph.D, Lecturer of Psychology – Coordinator of the Student Counseling Center