The Student Affairs Office of the University of New York Tirana in its existence is the student’s guide throughout their academic journey.

It offers services that aim to improve the student’s on campus experience, support their creativity and ambitions, as well as offer solutions to various problems the student might face.

If you are planning to study at UNYT or if you are a student here, the Student Affairs Office is always happy to help you out with your queries.

Some of the services covered by this office are:


Admissions of undergraduate and graduate students from first point-of-contact and until their official registration at UNYT by respecting the directives of the Ministry of Education.

Financial Aid

Financial aid assists students in University affordability including scholarships based on their High School GPA as well as organizing the annual Scholarship Exam, the greatest opportunity for excellence students to study with a full scholarship at UNYT.

Orientation and First-Year Experience

Orientation and First-Year Experience provides support and programming for first-year and transfer students, usually by including orientation, transfer of credits mobility and interviews with the students to facilitate their needs and improve their overall experience.

Multicultural Services

Multicultural services provide support and programs to create an environment of respect and affirmation for students of multiple cultural identities. The support extends to the point of documentation recognition process during their application period as well as orientation regarding the on-campus and off-campus activities such as entertainment, transportation, dining, housing etc.

Market Studies/Researches

Market Studies/Researches provide analytical studies or researches regarding student satisfaction, study preferences, potential opening of new majors, tuition fees etc.

English Proficiency Services

English Proficiency services provide the students with the opportunity to obtain a certificate of English efficiency in collaboration with British Council as well as orient them to ESL (English as a Second Language) intensive courses, if their English knowledge is below the necessary level of B2 level.

Student Activities

Student Activities provide support to the students and to the Student Union with various activities by being a bridge between their requests and the approval of the Rector as well as collaborate with the Dean of Students regarding the annual Student Union Elections.

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