• Ensures quality at all levels within the department.
  • Ensures privacy of personal data.
  • Ensures that UNYT students are equipped with the matriculation number provided by Center for Educational Services.
  • Liaises effectively with partner institutions.
  • Prepares schedule of courses for the Academic Semesters.
  • Prepares Academic Calendar.
  • Organizes the Registration and Add & Drop procedure.
  • Prepares Rector’s List for undergraduate programme.
  • Prepares list of students to be placed in a probationary status for undergraduate programs.
  • Prepares and issues official certificates, official transcripts of grades, list of absences for students, after the student has previously been cleared by the Finance Office.
  • Prepares and issues the Diploma’s and Diploma Supplements for the graduating students.

Registrar Office Time-Table of Operations: Monday – Friday 09:00-17:00

Evis Koço Mehaj – Chief Registrar e-mail: eviskoco@unyt.edu.al

Nertila Paskali – Graduate Registrar e-mail: npaskali@unyt.edu.al

Daniela Bozaxhiu – Undergraduate Registrar e-mail: danielabozaxhiu@unyt.edu.al