Quality is at the heart of all activities of the University of New York Tirana. The institutional mission states that UNYT was founded to offer a quality higher education order to implement flexible and innovative practices in teaching and learning in response to the globally changing face of higher education. The Quality Assurance procedures implemented by the UNYT have been developed over the 16 years of the operation thanks to the best practices of the institutional partnerships established from the very beginning.

The key principles guiding these institutional procedures are based on excellence, equity and standards. 

Strategic Vision of Quality Assurance:

  • …adhering to the highest standards of quality in our learning and teaching (Reference: Strategic Plan (2018-2022), Values.
  • Strive for academic excellence in teaching, scholarship and service...Reference: Strategic Plan (2018-2022), Strategic Goal 5
  • …the promotion of international co-operation in the field of quality assurance; (Reference: Strategic Plan (2018-2022), Objectives
  • …The university commits itself to high standards of theoretical, empirical and hands-on teaching.


QA instruments at UNYT

  • Instructors apply different methods for checking the degree to which students assimilate course materials.
  • Teaching standards are carefully monitored each semester
  • Faculty Development Workshop taking place at the beginning of each academic year
  • Students are given course evaluation questionnaires conducted with complete confidentiality
  • Graduate students are required to complete exits surveys upon accomplishment of their study programs
  • Once every two years all instructors are peer – evaluated by their department heads.
  • Grading Transparency and Comparability Report


Reference:  UNYT Strategic Plan (2018-2022).



Based on the Article 28 of the Statute of University of New York Tirana, The Permanent Commission for Quality Standards and Programs Assurance (QA Commission) is elected by the Academic Senate with the mission of developing and strengthening the quality system in UNYT, serving the needs of the university community and interested bodies.

QA Commission is responsible for:

  • coordinating the evaluation procedures of internal and external academic units, scientific research and of the university itself.
  • oversees and develops the regulations, policies, programs, academic and non-academic processes and ensures compliance with the legal framework ensuring the quality in UNYT in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Internal evaluation of the structures and programs of study is carried out periodically under the provisions of the Code of Quality.
  • intermediates, drafts and provides reports for activities and new initiatives related to quality assurance in all the units of UNYT through Quality Assurance Coordinator.


The functioning of QA Commission is regulated from the Quality Assurance Manual drafted and approved by the Commission itself.

QA Commission consists of not less than five (5) members and the members of the Commission nominate themselves and are selected by the Academic Senate.

They have an office term of two years and are eligible for reappointment. The Commission elects its chairman among its members. One member of PCQSPA shall be a students` representative. PCQSPA organization and functioning are regulated by special regulation.

Members of Permanent Commission for the Assurance of Quality Standards of the Institution (PCAQSI)

  • PhD Enkelejda Koka – Head
  • Dr. Andromahi Kufo – Faculty Member
  • PhD Emiljano Kaziaj – Faculty Member
  • PhD Rudina Guleker – Faculty Member
  • Anxhela Gjini – Student Representative
  • External member