Project title: “Strategic Support on Strengthening the Quality Assurance Structures at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Albania”

The wider project objective is to establish and support quality assurance processes and mechanisms to ensure effective management and enhance teaching and learning at the private higher education institutions in Albania. The project aims to support the private higher education institutions in Albania to achieve the priorities of the two key documents: “Increasing the impact of EU Development: an Agenda for Change” and “European Higher Education in the World”. The project addresses, the national priority for Joint Project, quality assurance processes and mechanisms, under category C – improving management and operation of higher education institutions.

Project acronym: QAinAL

Project Fact Sheet QAinAL

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International partners: Project Grant Holder (Paris London University of Salzbourg (Austria), University of Genova, (Italy); University Politechnica Bucharest (Romania).

Regional Partners:
 World University Service Kosova; Evolucion Academy Kosova; ‘PjetërBudi” College, Prishtina (Kosova)

National Partners: Albanian Ministry of Education and Sport, private higher education institution: ( UNYT, Marlin Barleti, UET, Epoka and Polis)