This Jean Monnet Module has been made possible through Erasmus+ funding.  The project is registered on the Jean Monnet Directory with reference #: 575239-EPP-1-2016-1-AL-EPPJMO-MODULE under the project title ‘EU Democracy Promotion’.  The project is focused around two modules offered at the graduate and the undergraduate levels.  The courses are titled EU Democracy Promotion (for the undergraduate level) and EU Democracy Promotion: Theory and Practice (for the graduate level).  The courses are part of an institutional objective in helping strengthen UNYT’s focus on EU Studies.  This topic was selected for the focus of my modules due to it particle and theoretical significance.


Historically, democratization was thought to be influenced primarily by domestic factors. However, with the growth of promotional aid activities by international actors such as the EU, UN and US, it has become apparent that international factors can have a positive effect in achieving successful democratic transitions. No actor has been more active in this respect than the EU itself. Yet despite this growing body of literature, democracy promotion remains an under-theorized research program. In other words, the conditions under which democracy promotion is likely to be effective, the mechanisms through which democracy promotion is likely to be more efficient, and other similar theoretical questions remain unclear. It is this theoretical gap, which this project targets in order to better understand the causal mechanisms of EU democracy promotion. From a more practical perspective it should be emphasized that, Albania itself is currently in the process of European integration. The two courses are therefore highly pertinent to current political debates and discourses within the country.


Contact project leader: Dr. Eltion Meka at eltionmeka@unyt.edu.al