Prof. Dr. Marenglen BIBA

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Bari, Italy. Dissertation title: Integrating Logic and Probability: Algorithmic Improvements in Markov Logic Networks. Advisor: Prof. Floriana Esposito. (2005 – 2009)
  • Laurea Degree (5-year) Cum Laude in Computer Science, specialization in Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning, University of Bari, Italy. Thesis title: Automatic acquisition of background knowledge for a multistrategic incremental learning system. Advisor: Prof. Floriana Esposito (1999 – 2004)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Computational Biology, Document Image Understanding, Information Extraction, Social Networks Analysis, Natural Language Processing of Albanian.

Subjects taught at UNYT:

  • Bachelor:Introduction to Computer Science, Object-Oriented Programming in Java, Data Structures, Software Engineering.
  • Master: Advanced Topics in Operating Systems, Data Mining.
  • Doctoral: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Previous Teaching & Research Experiences: 

Author, co-author, and editor of:

Around 70 peer-reviewed conference and journal articles and book chapters. Two books published by Springer and VDM Verlag.

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