Matilda KAPAJ, PhD Cand.


Ph.D.: Operations Management, University of New York in Tirana, Albania (2014- Ongoing)

MA    : Master in Business Administration (MBA), Institute Universitaire Kurt Bösch, (IUKB), New York College, Athens, Greece (2011-2013)

MA    : Master in Marketing (MSc.), University “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Elbasan, Albania (2009-2010)

BA     : Business Administration, University “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Elbasan, Albania (2006-2009)


Research: Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing, Management, Marketing, e-Commerce and e-Business

Teaching: Management, Operations Management, Marketing, International Business, International Marketing, e-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing.


Academic Experience

University of New York Tirana (AL), Department of Business Administration, Assistant Lecturer (2014- Current)

Faculty member at the Economics and Business Research Center at the University of New York, Tirana, Albania (2014-2018).

Part – Time professor in the Business Administration and Marketing Departments at the University “Aleksander Xhuvani” (2013-2018).

Professional Experience

Member of the executive board at the Institute of Scientific Research and Higher Education Policies (ISHEP) – NGO (2015 – present).

Manager at Taverna “Attika” (family owned restaurant), Elbasan, Albania (2008 – present).


 Refereed Journal Articles

Kapaj, M. (2022). Critical Success Factors for Lean Implementation: A Systematic Literature Review.  accepted and to be published in the upcoming issue of International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management (IJRCM)

Lopari, M. and Pepa, V. (2015). Public Employees’ Motivation: A Case of the Municipality of Elbasan, Albania. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 4 (3), 607-613
E-ISSN: 2281-4612
ISSN: 2281-3993 

Refereed Conference Presentations

Lopari, M. and Pepa, V. (2015). Public Employees’ Motivation: A Case of the Municipality of Elbasan, Albania. Paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, Rome, Italy.
ISBN: 978-88-909163-6-6

Lopari, M. (2013). Sales Forecasting Practices: A TQM Aspect. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference – Regional Challenges for the Sustainable Development, Elbasan, Albania.
ISBN: 978-9928-115-30-0

Kakouris, A.P. and Lopari, M. (2013). Survey of Sales Forecasting Practices – Case of Albanian Companies.  Paper presented at the 11th Balkan Conference on Operational Research, Belgrade, Serbia.
ISBN: 978-86-7680-285-2