Eriona ÇELA, PhD


Ph.D.: Teaching Methodology of ESP, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Italy (2022)

BA      : Law, Business Academy College, Albania (2016)

MA    : English Language, University of Tirana, Albania (2015)

BA     : English Language,  University of Tirana, Albania (2013)


Research: Business English, Teaching Methodology, English for Specific Purposes, Academic Writing

Teaching: Composition, English as a Second Language, Business English

Translation: Law Documents, Business Documents, Education Documents, Strategies, Agreements


Academic Experience

University of New York Tirana (AL), Department of Psychology, Assistant Professor (2022-Current)

University “Luarasi”, Faculty of Economy, Assistant Professor (2018 -2022)

University of Elbasan “Aleksandër Xhuvani”, Faculty of Education Sciences, Faculty of Professional Studies, Faculty of Economics, Elbasan, Albania, Assistant Professor (2016-2021)

University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Assistant Professor (2017-2019)

University of Durrës “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Faculty of Professional Studies, Legal Assistant, Assistant Professor (2017-2018)

Administrative Experience

Ministry of Education and Sport, Sector of Integration and Coordination, Directorate of Integration, Coordination, Agreements and Assistance, Specialist (2020 – 2022)

Ministry of Education and Sport, Sector of Feasibility and Implementation of Projects, Directorate of feasibility and implementation of projects in Education, Sports and Youth (2019 – 2020)

Woman Centre for Development and Culture Albania, Part Time Project Manager (2019 – 2022)

University of Elbasan “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Legal Assistant (2017 – 2019)

Professional Experience

Communication Theory, Trainer (2022)

The negotiation of the Draft Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Albania, on the participation of the Republic of Albania in the Horizon Europe program, Working Group Member (2020– 2022)

The implementation of the Bologna objectives within the management from the Republic of Albania of the Secretariat of Bologna Follow up Group, Working Group Member (2020-2021)

International Conference “Globalization and Integration in Contemporary Education”, Member of the organizing committee (2021)

“Young people & COVID-19”, Moderator (2020)

“Teaching in new curricula”, Trainer (2019-2020)

“Review of gender components of radicalization and violent extremism in Albania”, Research Expert (2019-2020)

7th International Scientific Conference “Scientific Challenges for Sustainable Development SCfSD20, Moderator (2020)

Fifth International Conference “Scientific Challenges for Sustainable Development”, Member of the organizing committee (2018)

Tenth Medical Conference on Specialties, Member of the organizing committee (2018)


 Refereed Journal Articles

Çela., E (2022). A summary of the national plan for European integration related with the developments of education system in Albania during 2020-2021. Euro-Balkan Law and Economics Review Scientific Journal, E-ISSN: 2612-6583, Codice ANCE: E251746.

Çela., E. (2021). Innovative teaching methods of ESP during covid-19: online teaching and learning process in Albanian and Italian Higher Education Institutions. Scientific Journal of Law and Economics, ISSN: 2612-6583

Çela., E (2019). The historical growth and characteristics of ESP. The difference between ESP and GE, Periodical publication of the Scientific Bulletin year XX of publication, No. 44 2019, ISSN: 2221-5956 

Refereed Conference Presentations

Çela., E, Fetahu., E (2022). Legal measures in education taken by Albania, in support of Ukrainian students, The 2nd International Conference “Globalization and integration in contemporary education”

Osmanaj., E, Çela., E (2022). Analysis of the curricula of Social Work study programs at “Aleksandër Xhuvani, International Conference “Achievements and challenges of the social work profession”

Osmanaj., E, Çela, E, Çela., E (2022). Legal framework for social services in Albania, Eighth Global Conference on Business, Management and Social Sciences (GCBMS) “New Norms for Businesses, Technologies, Governments and Socio-Economic Structure; How to cope with this unstable situation”

Çela., E, (2021). Online teaching, an analysis of the Pre-University system, causes and consequences in Universities, International Conference “Globalization and Integration in Contemporary Education”

Çela., E (2020). Needs Analysis as a Key Factor in Teaching and Learning Process of English for Specific Purposes, Seventh International Scientific Conference “Scientific Challenges for Sustainable Development SCfSD20”

Çela., E (2019). The Importance of Academic Writing in University Studies, International Scientific Conference “Integrated Policy on Research and Innovations”

Osmanaj., E, Çela., E (2019). The Role of Social Workers in Pre-University Education Institutions, Third International Conference “Achievements and Challenges of Social Work Profession in Albania”

Other Members