Dr. Granit ZELA


Ph.D.: American Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania (2017)

MSc.: American Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania (2011)

BA. : British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania (2001)

MSc.: International Relations, Albanian University, Albania (2010)

BA.: Albanian Language and Literature, Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, Albania. (2009).


Research: British and American Literature, Albanian Literature and Language, International Relations.

Teaching: Academic Writing, Business English, Legal English, English as a Second Language, British and American Literature.


Academic Experience

University of New York Tirana (Albania), Department of Psychology, Assistant Professor (2023-Current).

American University of the Middle East (Kuwait), Assistant Professor. (2018-2021)

Academy of Armed Forces, (Alb) Foreign Language Centre, Full Time Lecturer. (2002-2017).

Tirana University, (Alb), Faculty of Foreign Languages, Adjunct Lecturer of English, (2001-December 2002).

Professional Experience

Defense Language Institute (DLI), San Antonio, Texas, USA, Management in Language Teaching Course (MELT), (2009).

Asticou School, Instructors of English Language Course, Ottawa, Canada. (2006).

Defense Language Institute (DLI), Advanced English Language Teaching Course, San Antonio, Texas, USA. (2005).

English Language School, Advanced Course on English for Special Purposes, Heidelberg, Germany. (2005).

English Language Training Centre, English Language Teaching Course, Nova Gorica, Slovenia. (2003).

Administrative Experience

Academy of Armed Forces, Head of English Testing Section, (2015-2017).


Refereed Journal Articles

Zela G, (2016), Myth and History in the “The Three-Arched Bridge” and “The Bridge on the Drina” of Ismail Kadare and Ivo Andric, Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy, Vol 5 No 31.

 Zela G. (2016), Collage in Donald Barthelme’s Prose, Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, (BJIR), (Vol.1, No.3), International Institute for Private, Commercial and Competition Law, IIPCCL Publishing, ISSN 2410-759X, Tirana Business University, Tirana, Albania.

Zenuni J, Zela G (2015), Washback Intensity of the State Matura Examination in Albanian High Schools. International Journal of English Language, Literature and Translation Studies (IJELR), Vol 2. Issue 4.

Zela G, Zenuni J, (2015), Donald Barthelme’s Visual Approach in the Short Story: At the Tolstoy Museum, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.6, No. 6, ISSN 2039-9340 (print) ISSN 2039-2117 (online).

Zela G, Markgjonaj S, (2013), Language, a vital factor of geopolitics, Military Review, Second Edition, Academy of Armed Forces, Tirana, Albania.

Zela G, Social Insecurities in Western Balkans: Case Study of Macedonia, International Scientific Journal Discussions, No 3/4, April-May, ISSN 1857-825X

Zela G, (2013), “Barthelme’s vision in the Postmodern Society in his Short Fiction, Journal of Educational and Social Research, Vol. 3 No. 7, Rome Italy, October 2013. ISSN 2239-978X (print) ISSN 2240-0524 (online).

Refereed Conference Presentations

Zela G, (2017) Fifty Shades of Training Proctors and Invigilators for Standardized Test Administration, STANAG 6001, Testing Conference, Skopje, Northern Macedonia.

Zela G, Madani Sh, (2015), Role of Language in Donald Barthelme’s Novel “Snow White”, 5th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, organized in Rome by MCSER-Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, Rome, Italy.

Zela, G, (2013) Donald Barthelme’s Vision in the Postmodern Society in his Short Stories, 3rd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences. Book of Proceedings & Journal of Educational and Social Research, Vol. 3 No. 7, Rome Italy.

Zela G, (2013), Place of Artist in the Contemporary World of Donald Barthelme’s prose, International Conference English Language Studies in the Modern World, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University, Albania.

Zela G, (2013), The Effect of Dialogue in Donald Barthelme’s Dialogue Stories”, 3rd International Conference titled Across and beyond English Language Teaching: Linguistics, Literature, Didactics, University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durres, Albania.

Zela G, (2013), Concept of identity in Barthelme’s short-stories, Second ASSE International Conference on British and American Studies, 2-4 May 2013, Canadian Institute of Technology, Tirana, Albania.

Zela G, (2013), Strategic Culture of the Western Balkans States, 3rd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences ICHSS 2013, Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research. Paper published in Mediterranean Journal of Social Science, Vol 4, No 10, ISSN 2039-9340, Rome, Italy.

Zela G, Luli E, (2012), Albanian Language as an Identity Expression and Social Factor of National Unification, International Interdisciplinary Conference titled Identity, Image & Social Cohesion in the time of Integrations, and Globalization, Vlora-Albania.

Zela G, (2012), Strategic and Doctrinal Framework of Western Balkan Countries, published in Research and Knowledge in Southeast Europe, Proceedings of the 7th Annual South-East European Doctoral Student Conference, Southeast Europe Research Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece. Online http://www.seerc.org/dsc2012/

Zela G, (2008), Speaker in ELTA (English Language Teacher’s Association) Third regional Conference Hot Issues in ELT, Opportunities for Professional Growth, Durres, Albania.

Zela G, (2006), Speaker in ELTA second regional Conference CEFR Common European Framework of reference Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Durres, Albania.


Zela Granit, (2021), Each One Writes Their Own Story, short stories, Tirana, Onufri Publishing House.

Zela Granit, (2011), American Foreign Policy After the Cold War: 1989-2009, Tirana, Emal Publishing House.

Zela Granit, (2012), A Sigh on Banality, Essays, Tirana, Emal Publishing House.

Zela Granit, (2012), Word Altar, Poetry, Tirana, Emal Publishing House.

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Zela Granit, (2001), Apocalypse, Poetry, Tirana, Globus R Publishing House.

 Membership in Professional Organizations

American Studies Association (ASA), 2020.

Member of the Ethical Committee, Academy of Armed Forces 2017-2018.

English Language Teacher’s Association (ELTA), 2004-2009.


2021, Best Translation Award for the translation into Albanian of John Updike’s novel “Rabbit, run”, awarded by Albanian Ministry of Culture.

2012, Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Strategic and Doctrinal Framework of Western Balkan Countries” presented at the 7th Annual Southeast European Doctoral Student Conference (DSC2012), on September 24-25, 2012.

2001, Best Young Poet Award, awarded by the Union of Albanian Writers.