Dr. Besmira Lahi

Head of Department of Psychology

Besmira Lahi is a clinical psychologist holding a PhD in Psychology and is currently a Lecturer and Chair of the Department of Psychology in UNYT.

Besmira Lahi research interests are focused on clinical and social issues screening education leading to competence, job-market patterns between knowledge and skills, overqualification, personal development, psychological assessment of job candidates and exploring the underrepresented mental health and wellbeing of individuals.

Deeply concerned about humanity and the individual’s wellbeing, Besmira works’ aim to mark the path to support the holistic personal development of the young generation whom she loves working with.


  • PhD in Psychology-University of Tirana (2017)
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology-University of Tirana (2007)

 Areas of Expertise:

Clinical psychology, Assessment, Personality, Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology

 Subjects taught at UNYT:

General Psychology, Theories of Personality, Psychology of work, Learning and Cognition, Psychological testing and measurement, Clinical Assessment in Psychology

 Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

Educational Psychology: Learning and classroom management-University of Tirana (2016-2018)

 Author, co-author, and editor of: (Link to Publications)

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  • Lahi,B.(2015). Why job candidate reactions matter? The 3rd International Conference on Research and Educatıon – “Challenges Toward the Future” (ICRAE2015), October 2015, University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkodra, Albania ICRAE2015 Conference-Abstract Proceedings, ISSN: 2308-0825
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