Assoc. Prof. M. Bogdani

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Mirela Bogdani is an Albanian-British scholar and author. She has studied politics at Oxford University (St Antony’s College), where she obtained an MPhil in “European Politics” (2006-08), and at Cardiff University, where she did an MSc in “European Public Policy” (2002-03). She has also undertaken postgraduate studies in health policy, administration and management at Boston University, USA (1995), at University of London – UCL, UK (1997) (as “FCO Research Fellow”), and at George Washington University, USA (1999-2000) (as “ECESP Visiting Scholar”). She has been a lecturer in EU politics at Cardiff University (School of European Studies) and taught Research Methods, EU Politics, Transitology, Systems of Governance etc, at various universities in Albania. She has also given lectures and talks in various academic institutions, such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, London School of Economics (LSE), University of London (UCL), University of Bristol, University of Barcelona etc. Prof. Bogdani is the author of 4 books, three of which in the area of EU enlargement policy. The two recent ones “Albania and the EU: The Tumultuous Journey towards Integration and Accession” and “Turkey and the Dilemma of EU Accession: When Religion meets Politics”, were published in London by I.B.Tauris. She is currently a Professor of Politics at the University of New York Tirana.

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