Assoc. Prof. Ines NURJA


Ph.D : Mathematics (Statistics) University of Toulouse 1 in Social Sciences, School in Economics, MPSE, France (2000-2005)

Diplôme Europeen d’Economie Quantitative Approfondie (DEEQA). European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER) (2000-2001)

MA: Mathematical Economy and Econometry. Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Social Sciences, France (1999-2000)

BA: Degree in Special Mathematics. Natural Science Faculty of Tirana, Albania (1988 -1993)


Research: Labor Market, Gender, Inequality, Analysis of Poverty, Migration, Fertility, Education, Spatial Analysis of Housing Values

Teaching:Bachelor: Statistics, Business Mathematics, Econometrics, Math for Business and Finance, College Algebra, Non-parametric Statistics, Scientific Calculation
Master: Research Methods in Finance, Applied Mathematics
Doctoral: Quantitative Research Methods


Academic Experience

University of New York Tirana (Albania), Department of Economics and Finance, Associate Professor (2013 - Current)

Tirana University, Faculty of Economics. Department of statistics and informatics. Lecturer (part time) (2013- Current)

Tirana University, Faculty of Economics. Department of statistics and informatics. Lecturer (2005- 2007)

University of Toulouse 1 in Social Sciences France Assistant Lecturer (2003-2004)

Administrative Experience

Member of Senate University New York of Tirana (2017 – 2021)

Chair of the Ethics Committee University of New York of Tirana (2014 -2021)

Member of the Steering Committee Agriculture (2012)

Member of Government Central Commission of Population and Housing CENSUS (2011)

Member of the Steering Committee Economic Census (2008)

Member of the Steering Committee ADHS (Albania Demographic and Health Survey) (2008)

Member of the Steering Committee of the Projects with Sweden Cooperation (SIDA) (2007-2013)

Chair of Classification Committee (2008 -2013)

Professional Experience

Director General, Institute of Statistics Albania (2007- 2013)

University of Toulouse 1 and University of Bourgogne (France). Part of the study project about urban housing values (2003-2004)

University of Toulouse 1. Part of the team that built a new software called GEOXP, based in Matlab. (2001-2003)

Société Générale Bank, Paris (France). Stage in geo-marketing in 2001(6 months)


Publications and Conferences:

Nurja, I. & Guxho, P. Factors that Influence Access to Finance for the Agriculture Sector in Albania. 3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Life Sciences in Albania. November 2021.

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Kastrati, A. & Nurja, I., (May 2021). “Abstract_Hedonic Appraisal of Apartments”

International Conference on Social and Applied Sciences: ““Embracing change and transformation – breakthrough innovation and creativity”  organized by University of New York Tirana, Tirana, Albania (online conference).

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Funded Research Projects

Field research and country/area analysis: Albania: Ines Nurja, Ledia Thomo, Anisa Omuri. Corruption in the western Balkans: Bribery as experiences by the population. United nations office on drugs and crime Co-financed by the European Commission. Vienna 2011. http://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/statistics/corruption/Western_balkans_corruption_report_2011_web.pdf

Field research and country/area analysis: Albania: Olsida Capo, Elsa Dhuli, Ines Nurja. Business corruption and crime in the western Balkans: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise. United Nations office on drugs and crime. Vienna   2013. http://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/statistics/corruption/Western_balkans_business_corruption_web.pdf


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