The mission of UNYT has been “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders” since 2002.

In today’s world, business, communication, economic and social change, as well as individual and societal problems, have acquired a global character. Global challenges require global mindsets enhanced by multiple academic disciplines and perspectives beyond traditional training.

UNYT offers to the students, the opportunity to obtain a university degree at Bachelor, Master and PhD level in a variety of academic disciplines and professional specializations, which will provide them the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in a diverse and international work environment, to prepare them for life as contributing citizens of the global community.

UNYT is dedicated to the spirit of learning, personal growth and the development of a community in which active participation and freedom of expression are encouraged and supported.

Committed to the intellectual, creative and personal development of its students, UNYT believes that the outcomes of student learning should include:

  • Excellent command of effective oral and written communication skills in English;
  • Development of analytical and critical thinking skills;
  • Understanding of research methods, including the ability to locate, evaluate and integrate information and data;
  • Solid knowledge of different issues and societies;
  • Sensitivity to social issues, cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • Understanding of international issues and a global perspective of important issues and events;
  • Development of healthy interpersonal and social relationships;
  • Understanding of the uses and limitations of modern technology;
  • Awareness of professional opportunities and understanding of professional ethics and responsibility;
  • Strengthening of the values of integrity, objectivity, and human understanding;
  • Production of evidence-based research for policy making consideration.

Our vision is to be the best higher education institution in the Balkans, not just in teaching but also in doing research and serving society.

We will accomplish this vision via the four pillars: Institutionalization, digitalization, internationalization, and research orientation. Institutionalization refers to the improvement of institutional quality regarding procedures and infrastructure. Digitalization means incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies and technical developments into all processes of UNYT. Internationalization stands for increasing the number of international academic staff and students from all around the world. Last but not least, research orientation points to the core area where a university can contribute to the broader society through research and innovation.

  • Academic freedom
  • Quality education at international standards
  • Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship
  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • High ethical and moral standards
  • Professional and public engagement
  • Collaborative and multidisciplinary research
  • Global communication and awareness
  • International and transnational partnerships
  • Inclusive, equal, and fair educational opportunity