What is the role of the finance office?

Finance Office at University of New York Tirana deals with different financial issues that UNYT as a private education institution performs and one of the most important issues is dealing with the financial agreements between the student and UNYT and every single aspect associated with the completion of this agreement.

Where is the finance office?

You will find the Finance Office on the ground floor of the Administration’s Building.

What are the main issues that I should know with respect to the financial aspect of my studies?

At the beginning of his studies at UNYT, every student signs a financial contract with UNYT. This contract indicates specifications about:

  • What are the fees
  • Which is the way of payment
  • What are deadlines and penalties in case that student cannot meet the deadline as well as procedures that regulate this issue?
  • What are other regulations related to add and drop of a course during a semester and other changes of an academic program that might affect a part of a student’s studies?

Furthermore, at the beginning of every semester students sign their financial agreements with respect to their academic program for that semester.

Members of staff in the Finance Office are always willing to help students who have queries concerning any matter relating to financial procedures. If you have any concerns or are unsure about a particular aspect of a specific procedure, please ask for advice.