Welcome to the Career Services Office!

We are committed to help our students and graduates define and achieve their career goals, both short-term and long-term. This is accomplished in many ways including individual career instruction, programs and workshops, resume and cover letter advice, job search and access to the resource library.

The Office purpose is to assist students in preparing for life after graduation, whether that means starting a productive career, going to graduate school, or other meaningful options. What you will do after you graduate must be a well-planned decision, with research beginning in the freshman year.

We encourage you to explore all of career options available to you, such as Coaching, Career Days and Internships. Your career development started long before you arrived at University of New York Tirana and will certainly continue throughout your working life. The Career Services Office will guide you through this process.

It has become a tradition for UNYT to organize the Career Fair on annual basis. It is a great opportunity for the students, to have the biggest companies in one place, to gain the experience that comes from having up to twenty interviews in one day and to do it in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Networking with other business professionals will allow the students and alumni the opportunity to build the credentials, develop the career, and find a mentor within our community.

A very positive indicator for the UNYT Students is the stability of the participating companies through the years and the demand of the new ones to be part of the UNYT Career Fair.

A general feedback from the last year participated companies were that they find our students very intelligent, well-prepared, highly-employable and a credit to the university.

CAREER FAIR 2020 via UNYT e-Platform

The Career Fair is the most important Career event of the year. In times of COVID19 Pandemic the organization of this event was done in an innovative way, online through UNYT e-Platform for three days: Jue 23rd - June 25th 2020

A. Companies

  • 15 (fifteen) leading Albanian and international companies have confirmed their attendance. Updated schedule enclosed.
  • Some companies will provide job opportunities and internship opportunities with immediate effect.
  • Some companies will provide job opportunities upon return to on-the-job working settings.

B. Students

  • Registration is open to all UNYT students.
  • Specific attention granted to all the ninety-seven (97) UNYT graduate students.
  • Invitation and continuous reminders have been sent via emails, SMS and WhatsApp groups.
  • Latest reminder for registration was done (22 June 2020) by e-mail and SMS.
  • Students have registered online. Registration Application set at the UNYT website/Career Fair session.
  • Every student has the opportunity to select to attend the preferred presentation slot(s).
  • 107 students have registered in total.
  • On average, 45 students have enrolled per each session

Delivery of the virtual Career Fair 2020 via UNYT e-Platform (June 23rd - June 25th)

The first day of the Virtual Career Fair started with the Opening Ceremony.

The Virtual Connection was reached through UNYT e-Platform with the presence of many of our students, the Rector of New York University Tirana Prof.Dr. Ismajl Kocaayusufuglu, His Excellency, the Ambasador of Republic of Turkey in Tirana, Mr. Murat Ahmet Yoruk, the Vice Minister of Education, Mr.Olti Rrumbullaku ,our honoured academics and staff and some hosted companies.

The Chair of the Career Office welcomed all participants and all fifteen national and International organizations which would be joining our online sessions these three days of the Career Fair from 10.00 am-17.00 pm. Albtelecom, Bkt, International Chamber of Commerce, Order of Psychologists, Bashkia Tirane, Sicred, Deloitte, Lufthansa, Vodafone Albania, Dua Pune, Agna Group, Smartwork, Ritech, Grand Thorton, European Centre are the companies which joined us in session slots providing opportunities to our students with immediate effect and some others will provide job opportunities upon return to on-the-job working settings due to Covid19 Pandemic.

This Career Fair is seen as a unique opportunity to form partnerships between potential employers and employees entering work life after completed studies, doing an internship, being a step ahead and getting the needed skills and competences requested in the labor market by training and workshops. Our aim is to support our students after a successful journey of online classes which we will remember as the classes of 2020, have been trained and instructed how to make themselves attractive to employers. The Career Office used this professional networking with companies for future reference in the coming weeks as a success factor for the Albanian and Global labor market. Therefore all students CV’s will be coming from the Career Office.

Each of the companies was hosted by a professor who moderated the sessions and coordinated students’ engagement. Students were highly recommended to take this opportunity and participate in this event.

Students, past and present, are what any university should be all about. The UNYT’s alumni community is one of your most valuable resources. The network of around 900 alumni is strong and growing. It represents more than ten countries and every sector. Most importantly, it connects you back to the School.

We aim to keep very active Alumni and encourage current students to remain involved and active after graduation, once more perpetuating a good cycle. Alumni create the university’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful graduates are in the real world. This process is self-feeding as well. If a school becomes well known for producing graduates that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields, then its reputation will grow. New graduates will have better job prospects because they went to a well-known school, and the process will continue.

UNYT is proud of all its Alumni - take a moment to fill out this form so we'll be informed of your achievements too!

Creating internship opportunities for university students will allow businesses, government and other institutions to see aspiring talent in action. These agencies will have the opportunity to participate in the further development of UNYT students through mentoring and work supervision.

Important goals for a student intern are to gain valuable work experience, be exposed to business / work processes, apply theoretical knowledge in a practical environment, be a part of a team, work on an actual assignment and offer the intern a chance to create long term work related relationships.

Internship Program – Philip Morris International affiliate