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Program Accreditations from the USA, UK, and Albania

Our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are accredited by the respective European and American accrediting bodies. Degree Accreditation affects the recognition and acceptance of your diploma.

UNYT is a student-oriented university. Students choose their program of study.

American Bachelor’s Degree

The American Bachelor’s Degrees with a duration of the four-year program (256 ECTS/128 ACTS) are awarded by the State University of New York, Empire State College accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the main academic accreditation body for American colleges and universities located in the Middle States region. Students who wish to complete an Empire State College bachelor’s degree program in Tirana must complete 256 ECTS/128 ACTS.


European Bachelor’s Degree

The European Bachelor’s Degrees with a duration of 3 years’ study program leads to the award of a European Bachelor’s Degree (180 ECTS) awarded by UNYT and licensed by the Albanian Ministry of Education, Sport, and Youth. During their studies, students may also register with SUNNY/ESC to receive an American Bachelor Degree.

By following the links above these paragraphs, you will find the programs of the majors that can be completed in UNYT with SUNY/ESC. These programs are Sample Programs, in the sense that some UNYT and SUNY/ESC courses may be replaced by other courses.

The detailed sample programs comprise of two parts. In the first part of each list you will find the courses offered by UNYT. Lower on the sample program page you will find the part listing the courses, respective to the major, offered by SUNY/Empire State College. The minimum number of credits that a student should get with SUNY/ESC is 32 (8 courses, 4 credits each).

Students who wish to complete an Empire State College bachelor’s degree program in Tirana must apply for admission to the college. If the student is accepted for admission and successfully completes 32 credits of Empire State College courses taught in Tirana, the college will award the bachelor’s degree from SUNY/ Empire State College. For more information regarding the programs of study, students should contact their Academic Advisor or the Academic Dean.

Empire State College’s bachelor’s degrees require the completion of a minimum of 124 credits (128 credits for the UNYT degree). Up to 96 of these credits can be completed elsewhere (e.g. University of New York Tirana or New York College). All students must take courses to fulfill SUNY General Education requirements. Students should have completed concentration pre-requisites and have advanced level standing (have completed more than 64 credits) before entering Empire State College. All courses taken at UNYT or elsewhere must be completed with grades of C or better; D grades cannot be transferred to Empire State College.