The finals of ‘UNYT Universities Tournament 2017’ were contended in the sports pitch of University of New York. In the presence of the Deputy Minister of Education and Sport, Mrs. Nora Malaj, Rectors, Deans, staff and students the final voleyball game was won by the team representing ‘Shluj Marin Barleti’ and the football one by ‘Akademia Proffesionale e Biznesit’.

The Deputy Minister in her speech pointed out the importance of this activity and how lucky nowadays students are since they benefit from state of the art sports infrastructure at the University of New York Tirana. She appreciated the spirit of the game, the fair play as the initiators of values that accompany the best team players in the labour market. Mr. Malaj concluded ‘The awards given today are individual awards as well as platforms of recognition for the entire teams and the institutions they represent’.

The CEO of UNYT, Mr. Andreas Galatoulas said ‘I am glad to be part of this activity today. Indeed in this final fraction of your journey I experienced your passion, team spirit, perseverance and stamina. In sport, like in education the mental game is half the battle of any victory. This is why, at UNYT we strive to be coaches and mentors not just educators. This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary in Albania. We are really glad your Universities embraced our tournament iniciative and contributed to making it a vivid experience’ Mr. Galatoulas finally remarked.

The University of New York in Tirana plans to transform this activity into a yearly event. In days like these we touch the power of friendship that sport inspires, energizes and motivates in all of us. Meanwhile the sports facilities at our universities are used by students and are open to members of the community that wish to practice physical activities. This is our humble yet sustainable contribution to the community, we are proud members of for a decade and a half.