On the 27th of February 2016, at the premises of the “University of New York Tirana” campus, the final matches of the women’s volleyball and men’s football championship were held. In the framework of sports development and promotion, and based on the saying of the ancient Greeks “Healthy mind in a healthy body”, University of New York Tirana organized a championship among 15 high schools in Tirana.

This ceremony was also honored with the attendance of Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports, Mr. Rauf Dimraj and the President of the Albanian Olympic Committee, Mr. Viron Bezhani.

In his speech, Mr. Erion Veliaj emphasized “It is important that a person who deals with politics, a man who deals with art, a man who owns a business, a man who deals with public life, knows how to play on a sports team. Just playing sports you learn teamwork, you learn how to lose, we in Albania do not know how lose. When we lose, it is not a tragedy; we must also know how to win. To win with humility, without violating the others, because they are only the opponent, not the enemy. As you have seen from the Albanian politics, we treat every fight like its life or death. Only a good athlete knows how to win with dignity, he draws lessons to prepare for the next game”

As well, Mr. Veliaj expressed his gratitude by saying “University of New York in Tirana is a university who has created fantastic athletic areas and that they are open not only to the students, who study here, but also for high school students, and also in the neighborhood for the community that lives nearby”