University of New York Tirana takes pride on its strong educational foundation on which they also have built a full and active life for their students based on sports. All those who love athletics and were up to the regional championship challenges offered by the University of New York Tirana, joined UNYT’S High School Sports Tournament of 2017. This was a competition involving a large number of local competitors, all participating in two categories, volleyball and soccer. All competitions were held at a single venue, that of UNYT’s sports premises. First place trophies were awarded to “Besnik Sykja” in the discipline of volleyball and “Aleks Buda” in the discipline of soccer. All participants were brought together under one common passion, that of loving the sports, as they were decorated by the President of the Olympic Committee in Albania, Mr. Viron Bezhani. The University of New York Tirana organized this event in the framework of intensifying sports activities in the upper secondary education based on the “Local Action Plan of the Tirana Youth Municipality (2017-2020),” for the promotion of culture and social activities.