University of New York Tirana organised the ninth edition of the Career Fair with the aim of confronting its senior students with the top companies and employers in Albania. This edition the Career Fair was organized on May 19, 2016 at 10:00 – 14:00, at UNYT Campus, Kodra e Diellit, Tirane, with a participation of 37 companies.


Career Fair has become a tradition for UNYT and our partner companies who have always supported and participated the Career Fair with the goal:


  • To bridge the gap between university studies and the employment market.
  • To prepare students for a competitive job market.
  • To hammer the relations of UNYT with professional communities.


For the students, the chance to have all of these of companies in one place, to gain the experience that comes from having up to twenty interviews in one day and to do it in a friendly and relaxed environment was what made the event a success. Some of the businesses were new to the Fair, others have supported it since it began, back in 2008. Feedback from the representatives suggests that this year’s graduating students will be in demand. The consensus was that they were intelligent, well-prepared, highly-employable and a credit to the university.


Participated Companies:

Alpha Bank, Dua Pune/Dm Consulting, Procredit Bank, Tirana Business Park, IN 2, Forward, NBG Bank,  Plus Communication, Deloitte, Albanian Satellite Communication (Tring), IkubUNFO, BKT, KPMG, Almark (Carrefour), Agna Group, Vodafone Credins Bank, IMB – Institute of Modeling in Business, PWC, NOA, Raiffeisen Bank, Boga & Associates, Conad Albania, Albtelecom – Eagle Mobile, Tirana Bank, Limfa shpk, Safran (Aleat), Abcom, Sicred, Digicom, Juris Consulting, Shero Design, Platinium Investment, Agikons, Armundia Factory, Fredi Electronics, Nordic Investment Group


Interests of the Companies:

  • 23 in Business Administration Students
  • 21 in Finance Students
  • 4 in Social Science Students
  • 9 in Law Students
  • 22 in Computer Science