942524_754507181316113_4781177316747135536_nOn Thursday, March, 24th, 2016 “Petro Nini Luarasi” High School invited Assoc. Prof. K. Giakoumis Ph.D. Deputy Rector at UNYT, member of UNYT’s teaching and learning Quality Assurance Committee to lead a teacher training seminar on “Skills-and-Competences-Centered Teaching & Learning in Secondary Education.”

The seminar was delivered in support of the implementation of the reform in Secondary Education. It focused on the reform’s paradigm shift from teacher-centered to learner-centered teaching and learning; and on hands-on ways in which teaching practice can be oriented and monitored to develop skills, competencies and dexterities for life-long learning through integrated cross-disciplinary activities.

As a fervor supporter of holistic education, the University of New York Tirana (UNYT) has been fostering active and transformative teaching and learning for over 10 years.