Taught Curriculum:

Type Name of the course USA ECTS
1 CORE Quantitative Research Methods 3 6
2 Qualitative Research Methods 3 6
3 Dissertation Seminar 3 6
4 Teaching in University 3 6
5 Fundamentals of Economics 3 6
6 Applied Mathematics 3 6
7 Decision Making Theory 3 6
8 Fundamentals of Business 3 6
1 ECON Advanced Econometrics 3 6
2 Advanced Political Economy 3 6
3 Game Theory 3 6
4 Theory of International Economics 3 6

Note: At least two elective courses from the list of electives must be taken for this concentration.

Program Structure:
Taught Curriculum → Comprehensive Exams → Ph.D. Candidate’s Status.

Year 2:
· Research for thesis.
· Preparation and presentation of papers in Conferences.
· Preparation and publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Year 3:
· Research and writing-up of thesis.
· Presentation of papers in Conferences.
· Publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Graduation Requirements:

Besides certification in English min. at a C1 level.
Accumulation of 60 ECTS (30 American credits) spread in line with approved curricular core and concentration requirements with a grade and grade average of ≥ B (83%).
Pass in Comprehensive Exams.
Participation as first author of papers in three (3) subject-specific conferences (min. two in international conferences held in the western world) with a scientific committee that selects papers with scientific rigor aiming at publishing the conference’s proceedings in an indexed volume with an ISBN number.
Publication or acceptance for publication as first author of three papers in subject-specific peer-reviewed journals (min. two in known international journals of the western world) with an editorial board.
Submission, successful presentation and defence (viva) of doctoral thesis before the Council of Professors, the internal and external examiners.