Taught Curriculum:

Type Name of the course USA ECTS
1 CORE Quantitative Research Methods 3 6
2 Qualitative Research Methods 3 6
3 Dissertation Seminar 3 6
4 Teaching in University 3 6
5 Fundamentals of Economics 3 6
6 Applied Mathematics 3 6
7 Decision Making Theory 3 6
8 Fundamentals of Business 3 6
1 ACCT Advanced Financial Accounting 3 6
2 Advanced Managerial Accounting 3 6
3 Advanced Cost Accounting 3 6
4 Asset Pricing, Options and Derivatives 3 6

Note: At least two elective courses from the list of electives must be taken for this concentration.

Program Structure:


Taught Curriculum → Comprehensive Exams → Ph.D. Candidate’s Status.

Year 2:

·         Research for thesis.

·         Preparation and presentation of papers in Conferences.

·         Preparation and publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Year 3:

·         Research and writing-up of thesis.

·         Presentation of papers in Conferences.

·         Publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals.

 Graduation Requirements:

Besides certification in English min. at a C1 level.

  • Accumulation of 60 ECTS (30 American credits) spread in line with approved curricular core and concentration requirements with a grade and grade average of ≥ B (83%).
  • Pass in Comprehensive Exams.
  • Participation as first author of papers in three (3) subject-specific conferences (min. two in international conferences held in the western world) with a scientific committee that selects papers with scientific rigor aiming at publishing the conference’s proceedings in an indexed volume with an ISBN number.
  • Publication or acceptance for publication as first author of three papers in subject-specific peer-reviewed journals (min. two in known international journals of the western world) with an editorial board.
  • Submission, successful presentation and defence (viva) of doctoral thesis before the Council of Professors, the internal and external examiners.