• In recognition that “the creation, development, conveyance and preservation of knowledge, as well as the preparation of future leaders … in a heterogeneous, international environment” (Mission Statement, UNYT), UNYT’s International Relations Office was established to service the internationalization requirements of the University’s mission.

    Erasmus+ Programme Students on the International Students’ Day
    “[Thanks] to you all professors for making our stay in Tirana and the semester in UNYT so memorable” (Halil Can İnce, METU Erasmus+ Student at UNYT, Spring 2017)


    Induction Day of Erasmus+ Programme Students from Middle East Technical University (METU)

  • Dr. Sabina Osmanovic

    Head of International Relations Office, UNYT

    Tel: +355 4 4512345


    1. Support of the internationalization of student population.
    2. Support the internationalization of faculty.
    3. Maintenance and enhancement of a network of international partnerships also extended in Research & Development disciplines.
    4. Development of exchange programs for students, staff and researchers.
    5. Support of incoming and outgoing students and academics during mobility period.
    6. Assist with visa enquiries and residency permits.


    Faculty member addressing a speech on the International Students’ Day

  • The UNYT`s International Relations Office provides opportunities for faculty members and staff to experience different teaching and training mobility programs.

    Past Call for Applications for Teaching Staff Mobility to METU

    Staff: Applications deadlines will be announced soon.

    International Staff Week on “Internationalization and Mobility” organized by the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey

  • UNYT`s mission is to create an international academic environment in order to further enrich the students learning experience.


    Partner Institutions:


    University of New York in Prague (UNYP)

    Since 1998, UNYP has been offering the best in English-language higher education in Central Europe, with a focus on Business AdministrationCommunicationsFinanceIT ManagementMarketingInternational Economic Relations,  English Language & Literature, and Psychology UNYP is the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic.

    • Application Deadlines:
      • Best before  30  April  for  admission in a Fall semester;
      • Best before 30 September for admission in a Spring semester.


    Sciences Po Rennes in France

    Founded in 1991, Sciences Po Rennes is a leader in offering multidisciplinary programs in the social sciences, perfectly adapted to the requirements of today’s job market.

    • Application Deadlines:
      • best before  30  April  for  admission in September and,
      • best before 30 September for admission in January.



    Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey (METU)

    METU is among the top-standing state universities in Turkey. Its mission is “to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, and to educate individuals with knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of the society and humanity. This is to be done by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards.” The language of instruction is English.


    • Application Deadlines:
      • best before 15 November for admission in Spring Semester
      • best before 30 May for admission in Fall Semester





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