• The University of New York in Tirana offers the following MScBA programs:

    1. M.Sc. in Business Administration- General Route
    2. M.Sc. in Business Administration- Management
    3. M.Sc. in Business Administration- Human Resources Management
    4. M.Sc. in Business Administration- Managing Information Systems
    5. M.Sc. in Business Administration-Banking
    6. M.Sc. in Business Administration- Marketing

    Admission requirements

    MScBA program is suitable for experienced professionals with undergraduate degrees, in Economics, Business Administration and Finance, although this is not mandatory.

    The key requirements for applicants to be accepted in MScBA Program are:

    • A Bachelor degree preferably in Business, Economics and/or Finance from an accredited academic institution.
    • Candidates with degrees in other disciplines may be accepted provided that they successfully complete a MScBA foundations program- a specific set of prerequisites, or transfer courses, or successfully complete an approved challenge exam in the identified areas.
    • A paper-based TOEFL score of 550 or above (or its equivalent) or successful completion of a comprehensive English preparatory program.
    • A successful interview
    • A complete application form

    List of Documents

    1. The Application Form
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. A notarized copy of the Bachelor Degree, or any other equivalent diploma of first circle study, accompanied by the respective diploma supplements
    4. Original academic transcripts.
    5. A notarized copy of the certificate of equivalence from the Albanian respective authority, if a diploma has been issued by an international educational institution.
    6. A copy of the ID card or the passport.
    7. Two official-size photographs
    8. Two confidential letters of recommendation.
    9. A statement confirming the applicant’s ability to pay the tuition fee for the MScBA studies.
    10. Notarized evidence of English language proficiency (notarized photocopy), and other language certificates, if available.
    11. Certificate on payment of the application fee of 20 Euro payable to UNYT’s account at ALPHA Bank.

    International students, for additional immigration-related documents are advised to contact the admissions office.

    Program Duration

    9 months Core coursework: Term 1-3
    4 months Concentration Coursework: Term 4
    5 months Thesis Work: Term 5

    Delivery Mode

    Students will study on an executive mode of studies. As a result they will be able to continue their career while studying for their MScBA degree, while classes will be delivered in the weekends.

    The MScBA will be delivered by professors of UNYT.

    Graduate Requirements

    Students must meet all of the requirements below to be eligible for graduation.

    • Maintain a program grade point average (PGPA) of 3.00 or higher in the courses applicable to the student’s program
    • Complete the required number of semester credit hours in the program the student is enrolled in.
    • Complete all master’s degree requirements within four years.

    Program Structure

    Course Code Foundation Courses Credits
    235101 Foundations of Finance and Accounting* na
    505103 Foundations of Economics and Statistics* na
    255102 Foundations of Marketing and Management* na


    Course Code Core Courses Credits
    205501 Research Methods 3
    235102 Financial Management 3
    245102 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3
    255101 International Marketing Management 3
    505104 Managerial Economics 3
    215101 Managerial and Financial Accounting 3
    245101 Operations Management 3
    246107 Strategic Management 3
    415102 Information Systems 3
    206501 Introductory to Consultancy Project 3
    206503 Masters Thesis/ Consultancy Project 15
    206504 Graduate Conference 3


    Course Code General Route Courses  Credits
    246110 Human Resource Strategy 3
    246101 Organization Development & Change 3
    226102 International Business & Trade 3
    246108 Total Quality Management 3


    Course Code Managing Information Systems Courses Credits
    416103 Knowledge Management 3
    416101 Telecommunications Management 3
    416102 IT For Competitive Advantage 3
    206201 Electronic Commerce 3


    Course Code Human Resources Management Courses Credits
    246110 Human Resource Strategy 3
    246103 Industrial Relations & Legal Aspects in HR 3
    246101 Organizational Development and Change 3
    246105 Cross-Cultural Management 3


    Course Code Banking Courses Credits
    236102 Financial Markets 3
    236104 Retail Banking 3
    236113 Financial Strategy & Policy 3
    226102 International Business & Trade 3


    Course Code Management Courses Credits
    246110 Human Resource Strategy 3
    246105 Cross-Cultural Management 3
    246108 Total Quality Management 3
    246109 Supply Chain Management 3


    Course Code Marketing Courses Credits
    256101 Marketing Research 3
    256102 Advertizing and PR 3
    246104 Sales Management & Operations 3
    246106 Managing Innovation and Change 3


    Note: * to be taken by non business major students

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