Lecturer at the University of New York Tirana English Language and Literature

Faculty: Faculty of Economics.

Options: Professor.

Department: Business Administration and English Language and Literature.


  • PhD Candidate in English– Texas A&M University, College Station (USA)
  • Master of Arts in English — Texas A&M University, College Station
  • Bachelor Degree in English— University of Tirana

Areas of Expertise:

  • Academic Writing, Rhetoric, Modernist Poetry

Subjects taught at UNYT:

  • Bachelor: Composition I, Advanced Business English, Myth, Symbol, and Fable in Literature;

Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

  • University of Tirana, 1998-2001;
  • “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres, 2005-2006;
  • University of New York Tirana, 2006-2009;
  • Texas A&M University, College Station 2001-2003 & 2009-2014;