Doctorat en Science Politique, Université Paris VIII, France.

Areas of Expertise:

Political Representation, Political Communication.

Subjects taught at UNYT:

Bachelor:Classics of Political Thought, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Introduction to Mass Media and Mass Communication, Public Relations.

Master: Classical and Modern Political theory, Comparative Politics.

Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

Lecturer and Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Tirana.

Lecturer, European University of Tirana.

Author, co-author, and editor of:

 Hasimja, Ermal (2008). Looking for Chimera: At the Limits of Representation Theories. In POLIS, UET, Tirana.

___________ (2008). The Potential of Private Sector in the Higher Education Field. In ECONOMICUS, UET, Tirana.

___________ (2007). 2007 Local Elections: What Each Side Won and Lost. In The Albanian Journal of Political Science, Washington.

___________ (2007). The Challenges of Political Representation in Albania. Paper presented in Pluralist Dilemmas. The Annual Conference of the Albanian Sociology Institute.

___________ (2007) Political Consequences of Economic Informality. Paper presented in Informality: A Barrier to Development and Integration. Time to Face it.

___________ (2007) Identity Engineering in Post-War Kosovo. Paper presented in The European Identity of Kosovo. Forum 2015, Pristina.

___________ (2007) The “New Man” Lives Among Us: Elements of Totalitarian Discourse Surviving Democratic Transition. Paper presented in The Missing Analysis of Communism. The European University of Tirana,

___________ (2006), Defeat as a Progress Opportunity. In Shekulli, February, Tirana.

___________ (2006), Why the North and the South Vote Differently, In Shekulli, January, Tirana.

___________ (2006), Names and identities. In Shekulli, November, Tirana.

___________ (2006), Rationality and Electoral Behavior of Albanian Voters. In Polis, April 2006, Tirana, Dita 2000.

___________ (2006), Religious Coexistence: Constructing Models and Constructing the Reality. Paper presented in Models of Peaceful Religious Coexistence. NATO & Millenium Club Centre, Tirana.

___________ (2006), The Challenges of Research in Albanian Universities, Paper presented in Problems of the Albanian Education System, Albanian Liberal Institute, Tirana.

___________ (2006), An Alternative Analysis of the Relationship of Albanians to the State. In Polis, April 2006, Tirana, Dita 2000.

___________ (2005). Changing anti-crime policy through community policing in Albania. In Research and Policy in Development. ODI, London.

___________ (2006) Against Roma “Integration”. In Standard, Tirana.

___________ (2006), Affirmative Action and the Albanian Feminism Stances. In Shekulli, Tirana.

___________ (2005), Elites and Voters. Paper presented in Colloquium liberal. Dita 2000, Tirana.