Lecturer in Management

Faculty: Faculty of Economics.

Options: Professor.

Department: Business Administration and Management.


  • PhD in Economics– University of Genoa (Italy)
  • Master in Public Administration – Harvard University (USA)
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics– University of Genoa (Italy) 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Management, Project Management, Public management, Local Economic Development, Leadership, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, International Aid; 

Subjects taught at UNYT:

  • Bachelor:Principles of Management, Industrial and Organizational Behavior, Managerial Leadership, Human Resources Management;
  • Master: Strategic Management;

Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

  • Marin Barleti University, 2011-2013;

Author, co-author, and editor of:

  • 2 books and 5 peered-reviewed journal articles.