Today we were delighted to kick off the universities sports tournament 2016. The activity will host more than 200 students from Albania. Organized by the University of New York in Tirana, the activity aims to bring together student from all majors and fields. The passion for sports will be a strong basis to start new friendships and to trial competitiveness.

One of the distinctive values of the Sports Tournament 2016 is ‘Fair Play’. Foreseen in 3 different phases, being group elimination, quarter finals and semifinals the tournament will start on December 11th and continue till January 28th. Volleyball will involve females and male team members while football will be played by male students only.

UNYT has constantly led sports initiatives in the Albanian education market. Last year we successfully organized the high school championship. We take pride in our heritage of the oldest private university in Albania and wish to serve as an example to the enhancement of healthy living besides education only.

Our majors and degrees, including the dual ones, are an excellent illustration of internationalization.

We invite all students to make the most out of this experience and make new friends. We invite all students and community members to attend the matches from Monday to Friday 11:00 -14:30.