International Students — Twin Sisters from Tirana — Presented at 2018 Fall Student Conference in Albany*

Two students from Empire State College’s Tirana location traveled to New York to attend and deliver presentations at the Fall Student Conference at the Hilton Albany this year. The students, Livia and Fiona Hoxha, study Business, Management and Economics, both with concentrations in finance. They are twin sisters, and are both graduating with bachelor’s from ESC this coming June. (Photo: Fiona Hoxha, Erin Barrett, Livia Hoxha at the 2018 Fall Academic Conference)

International Education is proud to have been able to bring Livia and Fiona to SUNY Empire State College’s 2018 Fall Student Conference with the generous support of Alumni and Student Relations. Both students said their attendance at the conference was “an amazing experience” and commented that they had the opportunity to “meet many ESC students” and “have made a lot of new friends.” Offering an opportunity for Empire State College students studying at locations abroad to travel to the U.S. and network with students studying in the here allows both parties to learn more about another culture.

Fiona presented on handling stress through the college experience. Her presentation, titled “Stress of Students and Different Realities,” covered the existence of stress for students in college and strategies for how to best handle stressful situations. Fiona discussed examples of items college students face that cause them stress and the symptoms they experience. She also elaborated on how best to mitigate the stressors students face in order to best succeed in their academic program. Fiona engaged the audience, periodically asking them to consider their own personal experience with stress. She also shared her own experience, and there were numerous questions and comments from the group. Fiona’s presentation was professionally delivered and well constructed, offering her audience insights into their own lives as students.

Livia’s presentation, titled “Challenges Faced by Albanian Youth,” introduced the National Action Plan of Albania, a plan geared toward improving the quality of life of Albania’s youth. Livia spoke about Albania’s large youth population, compared to other European nations, and the challenges they face. She spoke about the problems Albanian youth face participating in the democratic process, decision-making and lack of employment opportunities, among others. She also delved into the specifics of the National Action Plan, speaking in detail about each strategic objective. Livia’s presentation offered insights into a world largely unknown to most Empire State College students, living and studying in the U.S., and the interest was apparent in the room. Livia responded to questions about how the lives of Albanian youths are different from those in the U.S., touching upon differences between cultures.


*Article published at Exchange ESC magazine: