This conference, based on a project entitled ‘Industrial Citizenship and Migration of Labor Force in the Western Balkans: The migration of Albanians in Albania and Kosovo to Greece, Germany and Switzerland “, financed by PPR and directed by Dr. Erka Caro, seeks to investigate precisely these aspects of external migration by bringing the voice of the immigrants themselves and seeing the phenomenon from the perspective of their own experiences of the immigrants.

In the conference participated distinguished personalities from the academic scientific researcher’s world invited from civil society, international institutions, policy makers and researchers in the field of migration from Albania, Kosovo and other countries of the world. The speakers of honor in this conference were global personalities with high academic values and special contribution in scientific research and immigration policies.

Besides from all the honored and recognized guests, domestically and internationally, that come from different areas of scientific and public life, among which worth mentioning Prof. Nathan Lillie, Prof. Russell King, Dr. Ajay Bailey, Dr. Mark Hill, Mr. Valon Murati, Mrs. Elona Gjebrea, Mrs. Gentian Sula and The German Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Hellmut Hoffmann all attended the conference and gave their reflected upon the presentations and discussions held on the day

The Conference held specialized paper presentation panels.

Topics of interest included:
1. Labor migration and industrial citizenship
2. Labor market segmentation – Precarious and flexible work
3. Negotiate the boundaries of legitimacy/illegitimacy
4. Union strategies to organize and represent migrants
5. Agency of migrant workers – Between integration and stigmatization
6. Return Migration and reintegration strategies
7. Citizenship, identity and migration
8. Diasporas, social and financial remittances
9. Feminization of labor migration
10. Gender, family and migration