Klaudia Hoxha

Erasmus Student at METU

Exchange semester : Spring 2017

METU arranged 1 week of orientation program, offering a wide range of activities for exchange students to get familiar with everything needed for the coming semester, which includes school student online system- METU online, the library system, METU class and email in which classroom assignments and other related documents would be shared. This term I am attending Portfolio Optimization, Financial Risk Assessment, and Financial Econometrics. Lectures are theoretical, but professors put emphasis into cases analysis. Portfolio Optimization and Financial Risk Assessment assign course works such as lab reports (coding in Matlab) and journal reviews. Financial Econometrics is a special topic course focusing in time series analysis- important task in forecasting, particularly in stock market and portfolio management. As advanced courses, professors are very ambitious in teaching and successful scientists publishing in journals and authors of books in related subjects.
I have not yet taken any exam but I have submitted couple graded assignments. The workload is quite demanded and professors really pay attention to attendance in class.

The campus is not located near the city center – however inside the campus basically you can find everything needed. The campus is quite big and facilities, such as the huge library, WLAN on-campus, the computers have to be pointed out. There are many shuttles inside the campus to facilitate the transport inside the campus. A dining hall where breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered; also, each building has its own cafeteria where you can wind down with other fellow students. In addition, a track field and fitness room is located in campus.
However, I preferred to live outside the campus and I found my own housing which is very near of campus.