Juljana Vela

Exchange Student at Science-Po, Rennes

As usual all the unknown things make you feel uncertain and scared. Going in Rennes, at Science-Po was challenging for me, because I didn’t knew what I was going to face in there.

However after my arrival there my uncertainty about the decision of going there was gone.

Rennes is a very beautiful and quiet city and it welcomes students who go to study.

The people of Rennes are very nice and the most polite people ever met in my life.

Science-Po is so well organized, from the first day that you will arrive until the last day you will stay in there. The staff of the international office was always willing to help and guide you, in order for the international student to integrate in Sciences-Po.

Zephyr the association (the girls) of the foreign students, help the international students with all the procedures that the student needed to fulfill after they arrival in there, they organized events in order for the students to get to know each other.

Lecture with French and International Professors were really challenging, not just for the students, but also for them. They always wanted to know the opinion of the students based on their culture. The lectures were really interesting, because you had to work in group with people that have totally different view on the on many issues, different cultures, different traditions etc.

In this exchange I knew students from around the world, that you will never have the chance to meet in the same place and in the same time. You will know different cultures, mentalities and you will see that in the end everybody is the same.

Thank you to UNYT for giving me the opportunity to go in France, to this amazing journey.

Even if to some extend your plans didn’t had the outcome that you wanted, but you gained other things that you never thought you will.

In the end you will have this unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.