2 – G.Resuli

Gloria Resuli

ERASMUS STUDENT AT Istanbul Sehir University

My experience in Istanbul! The capital of the world!

Although my semester as an Erasmus student is not over yet, I feel very happy that I got to know a new culture, unlike ours. In the short period of time that I’ve been here, I have visited many beautiful and historical places such as; Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque – which are located on the European side of Istanbul.

During my exchange experience, I have been fortunate enough to meet Erasmus students from all around the world but I was also happily surprised to see that a small country like Albania is represented by a considerable number of students. There are 9 Albanian international students studying at Istanbul Sehir University.

Another thing I was happily surprised about were the prices. The prices are very cheap, almost non-comparable with European countries.

There are still a lot of places I am looking forward to visiting in Istanbul. Thankfully it is not difficult to get around the city as the people here are very friendly and helpful.

I am very thankful to University of New York Tirana and especially the International Relations Office for providing this incredible opportunity and for being there every step of the way during this exciting journey.

I strongly advise students to participate in Erasmus exchange programs, especially in Istanbul because it is an amazing city that never gets old!