The mission

The Student Union, or the student’s government, is the representative of the UNYT student community in every aspect of the student life. The Student Union provides a direct channel of communication with the UNYT Administration to the student community as such, it enriches the student life by organizing different events, trips, parties, tournaments, and responds to student’s needs or complaints. The goal is not only to organize students for specific objectives from time to time, but also to bring them close to each other, creating a healthy and friendly community.

Representing the Students to the Administration

The Student Union is responsible for the students to have their voice heard by the UNYT Administration. Individual concerns may be expressed through other ways as well, but the Student Union is the best structure to speak in the name of the community as a whole. As such we are determined to support every student initiative aimed at improving student life. The House of Representatives is a body created to bring students closer with their government. Every major of the UNYT will have one representative, so every group of students with similar needs or desires will have the opportunity to have their voice heard by regular, direct contact with their representative.

Enriching Student Life

The Student Union, except for its role as a representative of the students, is also committed to organize different events, social or academic in nature, for a colorful Student Life. Although it is our duty to take the initiative in the organization of these events, new ideas and suggestions are more than welcomed. Our aim is to offer a large variety of activities, from the debate competitions, to the hiking trips in the mountains. After all, rather than simply a learning one, being a student is a life experience.

New Ideas and Initiatives

Every student who has an idea that he/she would like to develop into a project, should feel free to contact us, and sure to have our support. The Student Union has the power to create special ad hoc committees dedicated to specific projects. The Executive Board remains highly enthusiastic of the possibility to help students bring to life their ideas and projects. One example is the UNYT Radio project, which will be a great possibility for the students majoring journalism, but not only. Complaints and needs (academic, economic, etc.) are also welcomed since they offer another opportunity to improve student life.

The Student Union is Your Government

The Student Union is the government of the students. As such, it does its best to remain in continuous contact with the community and the individual, receiving the input for new initiatives, or the feedback for other ones. Every student can express his/her own needs to the Executive Board directly or to the House of Representatives. Both structures will have their own schedule (including meeting with the students hours) published on the door of the Student Union Office as well as by e-mail. Your requests, desires, ideas and feedback are at the core of our activity, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you feel the need to.

The Elections

Elections are held annually in May for the positions of the Executive Board. Every student has the right to vote, and to run for any position of the Board, as long as he/she fulfills the academic criteria (for more information please consult the constitution of the Student Union)