Dear Leaders of Tomorrow!

Today, You are all here - from all corners of Albania as well as abroad. I assure you that, You made the right choice, this is your dream destination!

You are all Welcome!    Mirëseerdhët!    Hosgeldiniz!

University of New York Tirana is the best university in Albania and even beyond for many reasons:

Firstly, our students are among the highest-ranked students and due to UNYT, their employment opportunities expand beyond Albania’s borders. Every year, UNYT attracts the top students. Look around You! Most of you have achieved a GPA above 9.5. The best students apply to UNYT and the best are accepted. This is the first reason why UNYT is the top-ranked University in Albania.

UNYT is the role model for the educational field in Albania. UNYT is the only university which offers a Dual Degree with the State University of New York (SUNY)/The Empire State College (ESC) in the USA, and the University of Greenwich in the UK.

One of the features that sets us apart from other universities is our distinct internationalization. You will benefit from our knowledge, our many foreign partnerships and even have opportunities to study abroad through the Erasmus and Mevlana mobility programs. Currently, at UNYT there are students from 16 different countries. Therefore, you have the opportunity to take part in an international environment.

My dear students,

You will be challenged, maybe like never before; not only academically, but also in your professional life.

As a part of the largest educational group in the world, the Turkish Maarif Foundation, we feel more secure, more empowered, and our university will further enrich its already high academic standards to improve the quality in education.

Dear students, rest assured this is your home now!

This is the home where together we are going to build your future!

We stand by our motto: “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”!