S. Dhima, PhD


  • Doctoral Degree in Psychology, University of Tirana (2015)
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology, University of Tirana (2007)


Areas of Expertise:

Child psychology, Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Clinical psychology, Educational psychology, Ethics in psychology, Consumer psychology, Social psychology, Organizational and behavioral psychology


Subjects taught at UNYT:

Clinical psychology, Abnormal psychology, Research in psychology, History and systems of psychology, Psychology of work, Psychology of adolescence and adulthood, Social science research methods.


Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

  • University of Tirana (2008 – 2018): Research methods in psychology, Consumer psychology, Counseling psychology, School psychology, General psychology, Developmental psychology
  • “Marin Barleti” University (2013 – 2016): Legal psychology, Psychology of motivation and emotion
  • Albanian University (2010 – 2013): Research methods in psychology, Academic writing, Psychology of motivation and emotion, Cognitive psychology, Counseling psychology
  • Wisdom University College (2013 – 2015): Group counseling and group dynamics, Counseling psychology
  • University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres (2009 – 2010): Developmental psychology, Educational psychology
  • Kristal University (2008 – 2010): Developmental psychology, Educational psychology


Author, co-author, and editor of:

Published researches and conferences:

  • Dhima, S. & Hido, M. (2018), 7th Conference on Knowledge & Human Resources Management for a Sustainable Development; Article: Importance of Verbal Inclusion During Shared Reading on Child Language Development
  • Hido, M. & Dhima, S. (2018) 7th Conference on Knowledge & Human Resources Management for a Sustainable Development Article: Parent-Child Controversies: Parents’ Perception to Children’s Divergences.
  • Traverssa, R., Cenko, E. & Dhima, S. (2018) 10th International Conference on the Dialogical Self; Article: Identifying pleasure: A Dialogical approach on the embodied I-positions of daily-life in Albania
  • Buka, M. & Dhima, D. (2018) XVI. European Conference on Social and Behavioural Sciences – Article: Reduced cognitive abilities due to the presence of smartphones
  • Dhima, S. (2017) International Conference Psycho-Social Dynamics of Development and Education Challenges ISBN 978-9951-494-69-4 – Article: A longitudinal study of students’ attitudes, interests and preferences towards extracurricular reading.
  • Dhima, S. & Hido, M. (2017) Sixth International Multidisciplinary Conference on New Advanced Methodologies and Techniques in Scientific Research, ISBN 9789928437471 – Article: Gender differences in bullying experiences in secondary schools in Albania
  • Dhima, S. (2016) Fifth International Conference on New Advanced Methodologies and Techniques in Scientific Research, ISBN 9789928218032 – Article: A study of reading attitudes, interests and preferences of freshmen students in Albania
  • Dhima, S. (2015) International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences Nr. 4, Vol. 5, ISSN 2222-6990, Impact factor 0.305 – Article: A reliability study of Parent Reading Belief Inventory (PRBI) – the case of Albania
  • Dhima, S. (2015) International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development Nr. 1, Vol.4, ISSN 2226-6348, Impact factor 0.497 – Article: Enhancing language development through shared reading in preschool children in Albanian kindergartens
  • Dhima, S. (2015) Scientific bulletin of University “Ismail Qemali”, Vlorë, Nr. 3, Vol. 1, 2015: ISSN 2310-6719 – Article: Ndikimi i mjedisit letrar familjar në zhvillimin gjuhësor në moshën parashkollore (The impact of home literacy environment in preschool language development)
  • Dhima, S. (2014) Periodic journal, “Shkenca Shoqërore, Ekonomike dhe të Edukimit” University “Eqerem Cabej” Gjirokastër; (Social, Economic and Educational Sciences) Nr. 36, ISSN 2226-082X – Article: Leximi si aktivitet nxitës i zhvillimit gjuhësor në moshën parashkollore (Reading as an activity that promotes language development in pre-schoolers)
  • Dhima, S. (2014) Balkan-American Research and Evaluation conference “Strengthening Families and Communities”, ISBN 978-9928-4196-5-1 – Article: Exploring the Parental Beliefs Inventory (PRBI) in the Albanian family context
  • Dhima, S. (2014) Second International Conference on “Research and Education – Challenges Towards the Future; ”University “Luigj Gurakuqi” of Shkodra, online publication ISSN 2308-0825, – Article: Parent reading belief construction home literacy environment
  • Dhima, S. (2014) 3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on “ICT Education Knowledge Society and Open Governance”, ISBN 978-9928-4221-0-1 – Article: Differences in parents’ reading frequency with preschool children and their language development
  • Dhima, S. (2013) 2nd International conference on IC Technologies in Education in Albania: “Education, ICT and Knowledge Society” Annual Journal of Conference Papers, ISSN 2304-5442 – Article: Parental involvement in reading aloud with their preschool children in Tirana
  • Dhima, S. & Hido, M. (2012) 15th International Conference – “Educational Reform in the 21st Century in Balkan Countries”, BASOPED Publications, ISBN 978-606-93743-0-3 – Article: Internet usage in function to education from students of Albanian universities
  • Hido, M. & Dhima, S (2011) 14th International Conference, Evaluation in Education in the Balkan Countries. BASOPED Publications, ISBN 978-86-82019-66-4 – Article: Self-evaluation as an important element of evaluation
  • Dhima, S., Dede, B., Ismailaj, E. & Kulla, F. (2010) 1st National Conference on “Roli i Kërkimit Shkencor në Përmirësimin e Shërbimeve Psikologjike” (The Role of Qualitative Research in the Enhancement of Psychological Services) – Article: “Fëmijët me nevoja të veçanta në institucionet ditore publike të përkujdesit në qytetin e Tiranës” (Special needs children in public day care institutions in Tirana)
  • Hido, M. & Dhima, S. (2010) 13th International Conference, “ICT in Education in the Balkan Countries”. BASOPED Publications, ISBN 978-954-326-149-9 – Article: Children and the small screen – The role of television in child development and education, Middle childhood

Editorial boards and memberships:

  • Member of the Professional Discipline Judgement Committee of the Albanian Order of Psychologist
  • Humanus: a journal on the perspectives of the individual and the society (ISSN 2518-8321)
  • International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development (ISSN: 2226-6348) published by Human Resource Management Academic Research Society (HRMARS)


Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences