Elida Dode

MSc. Elida Dode


  • Professional Master’s Degree in “European Business Law”  – University of Tirana (2013)
  • Bar Exam – Lawyer Licence (2013) National Chamber of Advocacy, Albania.
  • Master of Science in Law (DIND)  –  University of Tirana (2010);


Areas of Expertise:

Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Inernational Public Law, Legal & Business English.


Subjects taught at UNYT:

Intellectual Property Law


Previous Teaching & Research Experiences:

Graz International School of Seggau, Austria (2014) –  Research topic: “Transformation and Change: Europe and Beyond”


Author, co-author, and editor of:

Dode, E. “The Art of Law  – The Importance of Intellectual Property Law  “Scan” Magazine Albania,  October 2017,  No.44: pg 66-67 Print;
Dode, E. (2015, December 30). “Albanian Court Ruling in Trademark Non-Use Revocation Case” from http://www.lexology.com

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