MSc. Arta Sinamati


  • Master of Science in Finance – University of Tirana (2015)
  • Bachelor Degree in Finance – University of Tirana (2013)


Areas of Expertise: 

Financial Markets and Institutions, Investing, Money and Banking, Personal Finance, Research Methods in Finance


Subjects taught at UNYT:

Investment Banking, Money and Banking


Author, co-author, and editor of:

Çera, E., Sinamati, A. (2017). Determinants of Corruption Perception in a Transition Country: Case of Albania. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management, 5 (1), 177-185, doi: 10.1515/bjreecm-2017-0013.

Sinamati, A. (2018). Vulnerability of Albanians to fall for investment scams, presented at the Ninth Conference for Risk: Balkan region facing the challenges of cooperation and integration, Dubrovnik, 1st of April. Albania: Albanian Center for Risk.

Sinamati, A., Çela, A. (2018) Edukimi financiar si nxitës i kërkesës për produkte financiare jobankare, presented at the Third Conference on Challenges of development markets under AFSA supervision and financial literacy, Tirana, 24th of May. Albania: Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Assistant Lecturer

Faculty of Economics and Business

Economics and Business Research Center