Eltion Meka

Eltion Meka, PhD

Eltion Meka is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Social Science Research Center at the University of New York Tirana. Dr. Meka has obtained his Ph.D. in Global Affairs at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.  His most recent work has appeared in the Journal of European Integration and Europe-Asia Studies.

His ongoing research focuses on understanding the impact of European integration on the democratizing of Eastern Europe. Specifically, his ongoing work seeks to understand how European integration in the Western Balkans impacts party systems by asking whether integration has a negative effect in helping foment a cartel party in young democracies.

Additionally, Dr. Meka leads an international Jean Monnet Network under Erasmus+.  The project consists of a consortium of five institutions in the Western Balkans and the EU focusing on the EU’s inclusiveness policies and whether such policies are able to promote democratic values such as tolerance and diversity in divided societies.


Research Interests:

Democratic transitions and consolidation; Democracy promotion; Eastern Europe; Party politics; Comparative politics; European integration; EU enlargement.


Peer Reviewed Publications:

* Meka, Eltion. (2016). EU Integration under Highly Fractionalised Party Systems: The Cases of Poland and the Czech Republic. Europe-Asia Studies, 68(9), 1467-1485.

* Meka, Eltion. (2016). European Integration, Democratic Consolidation, and Democratic Regression in CEE: An Institutional Assessment, Journal of European Integration, 38(2), 177-192.

Meka, Eltion (2016). Minority Protection and Democratic Consolidation: The role of European Integration in the Republic of Macedonia, Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal, 10(2), 23-37.


* PhD in Global Affairs, 2015—Rutgers University, Newark (USA)

* Master of Science in Global Affairs, 2013—Rutgers University, Newark (USA)

* Master of Arts in Political Science, 2011—Rutgers University, Newark (USA)

* Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, 2009—Kean University, Union (USA)


Subjects taught at UNYT:

* Bachelor’s level: European Integration; International Organizations; Research Methods; EU Democracy Promotion; EU Structures & Institutions; Intro to IR.

* Master’s level: EU Democracy Promotion: Theory and Practice; EU Integration & Transatlantic Relations; International Organizations and Institutions; Research Methods.


Head of Department

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences

Social Sciences Research Center