University of New York in Tirana professors Prof. Dr Petraq Papajorgji and Dr. Ilir Capuni organized the First Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking took place in Tirana from May 30th till June 2nd.
The conference is established by stellar researchers Ian Akyildiz and Tony Ephremides and was attended by a myriad of world class researchers from USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Finland, Romania, Vietnam, Slovenia, Denmark, Macedonia, Poland, Brazil, Italy, and France.
The goal of the conference is to facilitate connection of researchers from Balkan Peninsula to the mainstream research tracks of this field and to facilitate tighter collaboration among researchers in the region.
An important part of the program of the conference is dedicated to students. Namely, gurus of the field will give several tutorials on the hottest topics to students.
This non for profit initiative was supported by Argela Labs, endorsed by the Minister of Innovation of Albania and Albanian Academy of Science.
University of New York Tirana: Member of New York College Educational Group