• UNYT has recently entered the new premises at one of the most pleasant neighboorhoods in Tirana. UNYT campus offers a possibility for the students to enjoy a complete experience from the educational side to the entertainment aspect.

    The campus provides special premises for extracurricular activites such as an amphitheater, a fully equipped library with study rooms, computer labs and a marvelous surrounding nature.

    The UNYT campus also offers a fully equipped Athletic Area where students engage in activities such as football, basketball, ping pong and volley ball.

    Foto UNYT

  • The UNYT library aims to create an inspiring environment for study and research. As far as the information is concerned, students can access it not only through the physical library, which currently numbers 7000 titles of academic books of multi-disciplinary content, but also through the on-line library, which contains numerous scientific e-books and e-journals. Supporting the development of online learning within higher education and responding to the demands of our students and academic staff for multiple copies of texts and simultaneous access of a rich collection of academic titles at any time, the university has subscribed in three electronic databases – JSTOR, EMERALD and  EBRARY, so offering the possibility to full-text search through their collections. In addition, through the partnership with Empire State College, UNYT students and academic staff are able to access databases such as, EBSCO, ProQuest, GALE, etc. Between the World Bank and UNYT is signed a Memorandum of Agreement according to which the Library will be designated as World Bank Online Resources depository.  World Bank Online Resources include the World Bank e-Library, World Development Indicators Online, Global Development Finance Online, Africa Development Indicators Online, and Global Economic Monitor.

    Open Hours 

    • Monday -Friday
    • 09:00 – 21:30
    • Saturday
    • 09:00 – 17:00
    • Sunday
    • 09:00 – 18:00


    E-Books/Journals and Databases: 



    World Bank

    Cambridge Journals Online


    E-Library [World Bank]

    WDI [World Development Indicators]

    GDF [Global Development Finance]

    WOERC [World Open Educational Resources Congress]

    Search for a Book [UNYT Library Database]

    McGraw Hill  e-Library [The McGraw Hill Online Library]

    Empire State College [Empire State College Online Library]


    Open Digital Repository: 


    Contact us: library@unyt.edu.al


  • UNYT Computer Labs’ machines are equipped with the necessary software needed by the students to accomplish their assignments and school work.

    Computer Lab 2B is open to students when it is not in use for class hours. The Lab hours schedule is published/posted in the campus’ designated areas on per-semester bases. The facilities offer constant wired and wireless access to the Internet.


  • In order to preserve a computing environment at the UNYT that is both, conducive to learning and that protects the rights and properties of others, the following regulations must be observed by users of University’s Computing Labs:

    • The University’s Computing Labs are to be used for the completion of assigned class work or university-related work only.
    • All users must be students, faculty or staff of the UNYT; all users should possess a valid University ID card.
    • Eating, drinking, smoking and use of cell phones is prohibited in the University’s Computing Labs. Any such occurrences might constitute a cause for suspension or revocation of user privileges.
    • Users shall properly utilize all hardware and not abuse it in any way. Users shall not disconnect or connect peripherals, devices, power cables or network cables to or from lab machines. Users shall not tamper with, nor should they attempt to repair any equipment.
    • Users will notify the IT support staff on duty on any malfunctioning equipment.
    • All users of the University’s Computing Labs shall abide with the directions regarding reasonable conduct and/or use of equipment given by the administration.
    • All users shall comply with all other UNYT policies.
    • All users must refrain from accessing offensive websites from the lab.

    Note: Violations of these regulations constitute cause for the revocation of user privileges and could result in formal disciplinary action by the University and/or criminal prosecution.

  • Sport is very important in our life. It can make our life comfortable and happy. If we can play sports we can learn time management and responsibility and team work and etc. For these reason, we are proud to offer to our students, staff and community, a very contemporary Athletic Area. Special areas are dedicated for Ping-Pong, Football, Basketball and Volleyball, etc.

    Athletic Area