The University of New York in Tirana is delighted to kick off the cooperation with METU for the exchange of students and staff in the context of the Erasmus+ programme. Both our institutions are commited to respect the quality requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in all aspects of the organisation and management of the mobility, in particular the recognition of the credits (or equivalent) awarded to students by the partner institution.

The students reached Albania on Tuesday, 2nd of March and they are 3 Undergraduate students in Political Science & International Relations, 1 undergraduate student  in Business Administration as well as a PhD in International Relations.

The University of New York in Tirana experience is all about academic excellence, inclusion and cultural exchange. Furthermore, the vibrant youth life and the international representation in terms of students and staff provide a peculiar experience in the Balkan region.

METU,  following agreement with UNYT, is responsible for providing support to its nominated candidates so that they can have the recommended language skills at the start of the study period. On the other hand UNYT ensures equal academic treatment and services for home students and staff and incoming mobile participants. We aim to integrate incoming mobile participants into the institution’s everyday life, and have in place appropriate mentoring and support arrangements for mobile participants as well as appropriate linguistic support to incoming mobile participants.

UNYT organizes an orientation programme every Fall semester for welcoming incoming students; it shall also organize another one in a Spring semester to accommodate credit mobility students. Students are provided with vital information on course registration, campus accommodation, health and safety-related issues.