The University of New York Tirana in collaboration with Foreign Investors Association of Albania is delighted to invite distinguished business representatives in a round table on Economic Perspectives for 2017.


EU integration and steady economic development have been scoring high on the Albanian Governments’ agenda in the last decades. The main policies undertaken so far have been aiming at liberalizing previously heavily regulated markets and improving conditions for doing business. It has become rather challenging for governments to initiate and effectively implement structural reforms to attract foreign investments, since the competition in the region and beyond has steadily increased in a dynamic ever-changing macro environment.


This roundtable is organized by the University of New York Tirana in association with FIAA aiming to provide foreign investors with the most recent information on the development and impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) and related policies in Albania. The ultimate goal is to provide a roundtable with the business community where business ideas and thoughts can be generated for government authorities to reflect on the potential and effective impact of FDI on the Albanian economy. Also it may serve to initiate new reforms, or strengthen current structural reforms.


This event will bring together distinguished CEO-s and their representatives from banking and insurance industries, telecommunications, energy, logistics, retail, as well as other related stakeholders representing business, economic diplomacy and academia. Invitations have also been extended to the Governor of Albania, Minister of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship, and Minister of Finance.